Interview with an employe“Our consistent processes from design to delivery and outstanding speed”
All employees are experts and all-rounders.
We deal with ready-to-made jigs.
After organizing necessary information in a conversation, each craftsman gives opinions in the meeting to decide a specification.
After making a design drawing and making sure if it is alright for a customer, we start to manufacture parts. We design electrical parts which eventually activate jigs and also software uniquely by us and visit a client company to fix the jig to adjust the action.
When we confirm the action, we finally deliver it. We have such various processes to manufacture jigs. Nakashima deals with all the processes consistently, so we are very quick to deal with troubles and fine adjustment. The craftsmen know not only their own procedures but also their related processes, so they can respond flexibly, and we are trusted by our clients who say “we trust Nakashima 100%.”
Trustful co-workers who are the goal, the team and the family
Of course we talk about business, but not only that. We talk everything and often go fishing together. We haven’t had company trips yet, but our president said he wants to add such an opportunity as well. And also we have kind and trustful team members. The other day, I went to visit a client to assemble a product. However, because of some kind of failures, I found that we would fail to meet the target date. Then I called our company. One of my co-workers said, “all right, I’m coming right up!” and he actually came as quick as a flash and we made it!
We give and take advices and help each other every day, so I feel a bit embarrassed to introduce my team members.
I want to be relied on friendly and said appreciation words. “
I want to be a person who is relied on about anything from both team members and client companies. It’s a bit difficult to express, but I feel nice when somebody say “Thank you” to me. I have lots of things that I want to learn.
I joined this company with only knowledge of electricity, but now I am involved in all the processes such as estimates and meetings. Then I am able to see a client’s trouble which I hadn’t dealt with only with the knowledge of electric process and solve the problem. I had never been so happier when I heard the words “Thank you” then. It is very tough to widen the scope of expertise, but the job satisfaction is even greater. I won’t draw a line, and I will get interested in various things to widen my views. I want to be a person who are appreciated and said “Thank you” by various people.


6-8 Oumiko Izumi-cho Anjo, Aichi
TEL 0566-79-2155
FAX 0566-79-2156

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