What is a jig?
Put it in a nutshell, a jig is “a fixing device to mass-produce high quality products uniformly”.
By guiding works of, for example, assembly of products, punching or cutting off of materials, fixing of parts to a certain level of quality, the same-quality products can be made quickly whoever operates the machine, which leads to dramatically increased productivity.
What kind of jig machines did you actually manufacture?
・Processing jig mainly for a machining center, crump jig of NC lathe, assembling jig, welding jig and inspection jig
・Special purpose machine for drilling, wrenching, and milling etc.
・Others: a testing device for an aircraft
・Remodeling work of an existing machine(we undertake all the processes consistently from design to construction)
We are confident and trusted especially in remodeling projects
Do you deal with a part design, production of the existing device or partial improvement?
Yes. We accept addition or alteration work of an already operated device, so please contact us and tell the detail. We deal with every process from design to fixing consistently, so we think we respond to your request flexibly.
Could you start by providing good ideas?
Yes. We propose an estimate and some ideas of how to solve your issues after having your detailed information.
If your issues are not likely to be resolved only by us, we will do every possible thing for you.
Could you deal with troubles and readjustment after delivery
Yes. We deliver products after the fixing work and operation check are finished.
We take responsibility for after-sales troubles as well.


6-8 Oumiko Izumi-cho Anjo, Aichi
TEL 0566-79-2155
FAX 0566-79-2156

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